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Gracedonovan67 3 days ago

Wicked Sinful French Toast

This French toast is nothing like I've ever had before. I am a HUGE fan of cinnamon and this hits the spot every time. Every bite is like heaven on a fork and melts in your mouth.

Robyn1020 18 days ago


Yum. So much yum. This is delicious. The diner is awesome food and servers are even better! Absolutely love this dish!

Adam 19 days ago

Eggs Benedict

One of J&M's strengths is that they make a proper hollandaise sauce, the backbone of any eggs Benedict. The competently poached egg, serviceable English muffin and delicate slice of ham are all supporting actors to the savory, subtly sour decadence of the sauce. I prefer to add a slice of tomato to ramp up the acidity and add a touch of sweetness.

Jenbell92 21 days ago

Eggs Benedict

Best ever. Nothing compares!

Taramahnk 21 days ago


This is my go to order every time I go! It does not disappoint. I always bring leftovers home and it's still just as delicious.

Joceirecomics 25 days ago

Dave's Corned Beef Hash Omelet

We love everything on the menu since we moved to Natick we visit the diner as much as we can and always try to have different items everytime and we love the food. When we have guests in town they also have loved going here and always want to go back when back in town. Amazing food and atmosphere and the staff are truly awesome.

Mrudengaard about 1 month ago

Wicked Monte Cristo

Crazy Monte Cristo with French toasted cinnamon roll for bread. Good sweet savory combo, and I was full for hours.

Jtphillips2321 about 1 month ago

Wicked Monte Cristo

A very well curated dish! I was extremely satisfied with the food and everything worked together on the plate. One note is that it is big so you will probably wanna share- unless you appetite is up for it!

Ellenstone3 about 2 months ago

Side of Dave's Homemade Corned Beef Hash

Delicious!!! Everything is amazing!!

Pamdm519 about 2 months ago

Dave's Sweet Potato Hash Omelet

The sweet potato hash omelet was amazing! Probably the best omelet I've ever had! And where usually anything else on the plate other than the main dish is just there for filler, the sides of hash browns and English muffin were wonderful as well! I cleaned my plate and that almost never happens!!

Adam about 2 months ago

Dave's Corned Beef Hash Omelet

I thought I knew what corned beef hash was; turns out I did NOT. I know it's listed as "Dave's" hash, but no mere mortal can conceive of something so delicious and flavorful. This had to be handed down from Mt. Olympus from the God of thunder, lightning and breakfast meats. At first bite, your eyes roll up into your head to make sure that your brain has enough dopamine stored up to fully register what type of pleasure your mouth is about to experience. At the second bite, your vision returns but clouds again with tears of joy because yes, it is that damn good. By the third bite your torn between wanting to eat this as fast as possible, or slowing down to savor every last morsel. Once you've reached this stage you realize that there's other items on the plate too. I personally go with a grilled English Muffin but there's really no wrong answer. The homefries and whatever bread you choose pair perfectly with the omelet and did I mention that there's bacon involved in the hash? Yes, there's freakin' bacon! I mean seriously how much better can it get? My only complaint is that the diner is currently closed and I can't get this omelet until tomorrow.

Aronson about 2 months ago

Dave's Sweet Potato Hash Omelet

Picture an ideal weekend brunch that makes you think that you are on vacation far from responsibility and chores. The food is fresh, has so many options and you can find either a perfect staple (whoa their pancakes are totally amazing) or something that you weren't expecting to see - like this sweet potato hash omlet. It is so delicious and special that it is hard for me to not order it every time! Love j&m so much! Nothing like a place to celebrate and enjoy life j&m!

Jakira 2 months ago

Loaded Home Fries

These homefries are the best homefries that I have eaten in a restaurant or at a persons home. The creativity and ability to try non-traditional breakfast menu items makes j&m stand out, along with the dynamic of the restaurant and family like hospitality.

20stevensona 2 months ago


The A combo is heven on earth. I get 2 breakfasts of amazing food for like 9$. I love y'all j&m❤️❤️❤️

Miked011 3 months ago

Jack Daniel's Pulled Pork Omelet

This pairing is omelet perfection. This is a favorite amongst many for good reasons. I never would have thought pulled pork would go so well in breakfast food, but this delivers. The Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce is on the sweeter side, so it's a good complement to the eggs. Very inventive and creative!

Toshi 3 months ago

Eggs Benedict

Looking forward to having it again.

Geo 3 months ago

Loaded Home Fries

Food, service, all around aspect of the diner is Phenomenal!! I've come twice since moving out here and I absolutely love coming here!!

Reginakmcnally 3 months ago

Wicked Sinful French Toast

I don't know who invented this, but that person is a genius!! This sticky sweet taste of heaven is so good, I was unable to try anything else for years. But then I solved my dilemma..... we order this as an appetizer or side dish to share! That way, I get to sample the awesome egg dishes, and still experience the utter bliss that is this French toast. Mmmmm.

Haileepmcdonald 3 months ago


Get the breakfast potatoes. So let me tell you about my favorite side dish - seems insignificant to any old bruncher but you and me know these things make or break a meal. They're always fried to a perfect crispy texture, seasoned to perfection (not spicy or hot FYI) just enough flavor but it doesn't mask the potato's established taste. Pairs very well with the omelettes. Big fan.

Morenavacabjj 4 months ago

Dave's Sweet Potato Hash Omelet

I love this hashbrown I can't get enough of it. My so also loves the pulled pork omelet and wicked sinful .

Dysmike 18 days ago

Steak & American Cheese Omelet

I drive my family 1 hour to get here Absolutely delicious Thank you Foresteire Family

Oiahfdohasdfoiasdfln 18 days ago

Paleo Caveman

So good

Laurenmkelly 20 days ago

Vegetarian Omelet

J & M is the best! The only breakfast place that I get excited for. The staff is so friendly, and the food is so delicious!

Shawnymose 21 days ago

Nitro Iced Coffee Ice Cream Float

Your nitro iced coffee ice cream float is my favorite dessert of all time! I never go a day without a cup of joe. My favorite type of coffee to drink is a nitro cold brew and my favorite dessert to eat is ice cream. So when I came across this concoction on your menu, I had to try it! The taste was 100% euphoria! I felt like an adult child drinking the "coolest" and tastiest ice cream float of my life. I get it every time I'm at J & M Diner! Thank you for coming up with this sweet treat and putting it on your menu. Cheers!

Mburke1128 22 days ago

Baby Benny

The baby Benny is the perfect portion to be full at the end of the meal but not overstuffed. J&Ms incredible homefries and friendly pj-clad staff are what keep me coming back year after year.

Joepatter49 26 days ago

Single Buttermilk Pancake

Specifically, the Birthday Cake Pancake is my absolute favorite thing when i want something sweet. Its just the best!

Boriboy2872 about 1 month ago

Dave's Corned Beef Hash Omelet

Drove all the way from Pawtucket ri..absolutely worth the trip

Mcopp209 about 2 months ago

M&M Pancake

The M+M pancakes were very good. The chocolate flavors of the m and m's mixed with the exquisite pancakes made an amazing flavor in my mouth. I will definitely be returning and getting these pancakes again.

Marcelladssilva about 2 months ago

Pepper Jack Omelet

This amazing dish fills you up like no other! So many amazing flavors all in one, you end up wanting more even once you're full! The side of potatoes also compliment it very well. No condiments necessary to be added because the dish is just absolutely PERFECT!

T about 2 months ago


I had the breakfast combo with the blueberry & white chocolate pancake special. It tasted amazing and looked so good. I couldn't even wait to take a picture of it first! This breakfast spot is honestly perfect! 11/10 recommend!

Lapinajazz123 about 2 months ago

Wicked Monte Cristo

It was top quality dish. Fair prices, friendly staff service!

Jjofe about 2 months ago

Loaded Home Fries

The Loaded Home Fries (with BBQ Sauce), has been my favorite dish for years. Prior to my first visit to J&M, I was never adventurous with unfamiliar sauce-food combinations. I was encouraged, one day, to order the Loaded Home Fries, which was fairly intimidating. The flavor combinations of this menu option is The fries are the perfect balance between crunchy on the outside, and rich and soft on the inside, and the flavors of bacon, scallions, and a sauce of your choice are sure to dance across your tongue. The moment I tasted this dish, I was never going back. You'll always find this dish on my table at J&M Diner!!

Raghdamaksoud 2 months ago

American Cheese Omelet

We came for a business meeting from NJ and we had breakfast in the diner , this is by far the best diner I have ever been to , the family is so nice , diner is super clean , plates are very different than the regular diners and I would definitely go back again

Srfrandrake 2 months ago

Eggs Benedict

Best ever Benedict. Never had a better hollandaise sauce.

Hoffmoff 3 months ago


A delicious single slice of French toast with bananas, strawberries, blueberries and confectionary sugar. French toast like no other! Yum!

Kaitlynrotchford 3 months ago

Pepper Jack Omelet

The pepper jack omelet was amazing. I've tried several things from your menu and have never had a bad meal. The staff is super friendly and the food is always amazing. My boyfriend and I love J&M Diner and have made it a regular stop for us! Thank you for the great service!

Lbyrdlittlewood 3 months ago

Organic Steel Cut Oatmeal

The oatmeal is great because it is so loaded so being a gluten intolerant vegan this is a great option.

Bd 3 months ago

Single Buttermilk Pancake

When we got to the diner, there was a bit of a wait, but that's to be expected from a popular diner. When seated, our waitress was so kind and attentive. She would return in order to check to see how we were doing and would fill my mom's coffee cup. The food was phenomenal; I ordered a buttermilk pancake while my mom ordered a blueberry one. Both tasted so good and filled us up. I've always been a huge fan of J & M Diner and this was no different. Spacious seating, friendly staff and patrons, fast service, delicious food that'll hold you over for two meals, and reasonable prices. I plan to go back to the diner on Christmas Eve as a tradition. A must if you live in the Metrowest area.

Paul 4 months ago

Dave's Corned Beef Hash Omelet

My first time today , 10/4/19 at jmdiner. Awesome food and service. Nice large delicious coffee., very tasty corn beef hash. You have a new customer for life. Keep up the great work - Paul

Evanmcmanus 4 months ago


Great food. Great service. Great place!


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