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Hzophin5 4 days ago

Dave's Sweet Potato Hash Omelet

Best food hands down! Staff is amazing!

Sarahliz78 5 days ago

Side of Dave's Homemade Sweet Potato Hash

J & M's sweet potato hash is literally one of the most delicious things I've ever tried. I think about it all the time. It's the perfect combination of sweet and savory and EVERYONE needs to try it!

John 7 days ago


Had your basic eggs, bacon, home fries and toast (English muffin) as I often do. Eggs are always cooked properly, bacon nice and crisp, baked home fries are always tops and the whole wheat English muffin (local vendor) is great. Have eaten here well over 200 times both here and the old location and its always consistently great.

Damian 16 days ago

Jack Daniel's Pulled Pork Omelet

If you are ever near Framingham, MA (like within 3000 miles) you gotta try the J&M Diner. By far the BEST breakfast diner in the world (and we thought our NJ diners were the best). And I highly recommend the Jack Daniel's Pulled Pork Omelet ... yeah you read that right! I dream about it, can't wait to go back! Oh and the family that runs J&M are AWESOME too!

N24368 20 days ago

Pesto Omelet

Omelet was absolutely delicious along with the Asiago cheese bagel 🥯 and my friend had the Belgian waffle with a side of Sweet Potato hash. Everything was awesome and was so glad to find your restaurant through Google on best spots for breakfast in Natick/Framingham area. The staff was excellent as we met Mihlan she was super cool and a joy to have as our waitress. Highly recommend this breakfast spot to anyone visiting the area. Thank you for a wonderful breakfast experience. Lance

Laurenbarnosky 20 days ago

Vegetarian Omelet

This is the best veggie omelet I've ever had! I keep coming back for it over and over again :)

Tara.Vanderweyde 21 days ago

Paleo Caveman

Literally life changing. My husband and I went started doing paleo a year ago, and the sweet potato hash is our favorite. I was skeptical of the combination of ingredients at first, but after first bite there is no turning back. Its sweet and savory all at the same time. Its so awesome that they have a Paleo friendly dish on the menu that you don't have to make substitutions or changes to! YUM!

M Shelton 22 days ago

Wicked Monte Cristo

Every restaurant has a crown jewel, a dish that sets it apart from its competitors and keeps you coming back for more. The Wicked Monte Cristo is J&M's crown jewel - not for the faint of heart, nor the high or blood sugar. It's everything you love about a standard Monte Cristo, but needless to say, a little more wicked. The classic ham and cheese combo melts together, warm and savory between buttery rich danish french toast. The dish gets its special twist from the sweet icing drizzle, and the intense flavors are expertly complemented by a tangy raspberry preserve. The Wicked Monte Cristo can't be beat. Spend your cheat day wisely on this masterpiece.

Catrn123 22 days ago

Corned Beef Hash

There is nothing better!!! Everything on the menu is the!!' Seriously! Everything!

Docpersky 23 days ago


The Ruben Omelette..I took the advice of trying their new Ruben Omelette, complete with russian dressing and as I expected it was AWESOME! There is really no better place in Boston for breakfast. The staff is great! The Food is great! 5 Stars to J&M Diner!

Wendypease 28 days ago

Dave's Sweet Potato Hash Omelet

I've heard about the diner for years yet never went. This spring my book club met there for lunch. Now I'm I convert and go all the time especially for the sweet potato hash. If I hear someone is going, I give them money to bring me some.

Jlhmpr13 28 days ago

Wicked Monte Cristo

Everything on the menu is delicious but this is my all time fav. It's the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Never had a monte cristo as good as this one. OMG and with their home on the side, it's the best of the best!

Mbronstein99 29 days ago

Steak & Eggs

OMG. And I don't use that term lightly. Everything on the menu is awesome. From the eggs and toast (2 eggs seems like 4 and add homemade English muffin for a little variety) to the French Toast (deliciousness) to Dave's sweet potato hash. The pancake and waffle creations are imaginative and delicious. Steak and Eggs = 2 meals And the family is awesome. Shout out to K, S and of course J&M. Still not convinced google phantom gourmet and watch the various segments they have filmed at J&M over the years

Djgmommy about 1 month ago

Single Chocolate Chip or Blueberry Pancake

My son loves chocolate chip pancakes. He has some food allergies and the staff were totally accommodating and the pancake was cooked to perfection. He was so happy!

Djgmommy about 1 month ago

Eggs Benedict

My husband loves eggs Benedict and your eggs Benedict was one of the best.

Chazmatz about 1 month ago


The item I got was the brand new Reuben omelette! It has corned beef, sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing inside. It was an amazingly fresh take on the rueben, and it tasted so natural inside an omelette. The sauerkraut was zesty, and the corned beef shreds were salty and smokey. the eggs provided a nice soft blanket of warmth and a counterpoint to the flavors inside. I had a side of rye, which felt lonely because it wasn't part of the party in my mouth, but it was ok. I loved it, and was so happy they offered such a great take on two old favorites!

Pqsquared about 1 month ago

Side of Dave's Homemade Sweet Potato Hash

Breakfast isn't one of my most favorite of meals. But when I go out I tend to always order the same boring thing and it's never satisfying. But the sweet potato hash at J&M Diner changed my perspective on breakfast food. It is one of my favorite dishes of food, of all time! I order it every time I go as part of my meal and I'm usually eating just the hash in the end. The side is big enough to share with others for sure, if you're so inclined to do so. I always end up taking the rest home and having it for lunch or dinner. It's that good. After the first J&M burnt down I was devastated! I tried making it at home and it wasn't the same. I'm happy the diner is back and I can go in and get my fix of the sweet potato hash. It's addicting for sure. :)

Mandimccormack about 1 month ago

Paleo Caveman

Love this breakfast! I have several allergies and it's hard to find a good filling breakfast on most menus. The hash is delicious, the eggs are always cooked perfectly and my kids always steal bites off my plate of the meats. Yum!

Ekelly1628 5 days ago

Corned Beef Hash

AMAZING. Best corned beef hash I've ever had. Introduced it to a friend who has never had corned beef hash before and they were blown away. Perfection.

Kelly Kane99 6 days ago


I'm addicted to J&M and their incredible breakfast. My scrambled eggs are always fluffy and cooked so perfectly. Home fries are crispy and even the wheat toast is good!!! It's usually so boring everywhere. And even better, it's always served by such friendly and amazing people!!

Kassia.Palys 7 days ago

Western Sandwich

Everytime we go to J&M I order the same thing: the Western Sandwich on bagel, grilled. It always hits the spot! I've loved all the dishes I've tried, but for me, the western sandwich is the perfect sized breakfast. A western omlet on a fresh bagel, topped with melty yummy cheese. Breakfast doesn't get any better! We also love their cold brew, and the staff are so friendly and happy to accommodate us and our baby. :)

Michellenewcomb 18 days ago

Western Sandwich

I can't just rave about one dish, there are so many! My latest favorite is the bagel sandwich. It's so filling I have breakfast, with left over home fries, for the next day. Can't wait for my next visit!

Dlmerriam1115 20 days ago


Phenomenal cosmic breakfast! In an itty bitty living space! Pardon the Aladdin reference but to say best breakfast spot to go to with unique and playful twists in the classics is a vast understatement! Portions are very generous and the atmosphere is so fun and friendly. The upbeat Caribbean style music to the bright cheery faces of the waitstaff. It is welcoming and once that Wicked Sinful is placed in front of you! Sweet tooth heaven!

Flipper0860 21 days ago

Jack Daniel's Pulled Pork Omelet

I'm a woman who works as a Security Guard on the overnight shift. I had just worked a double shift, and was famished. The night before, I did some online research for breakfast restaurants in the area and decided upon J&M, and had picked the pulled pork omelet to order. All in all, It was a delightful experience! Getting coffee was my first order of business, and it was honestly the best coffee that I've ever had! The omelet arrived and stunned me with it's sheer size. The meat was lean, but not at all dry, and their homemade barbecue sauce was perfection. As starved as I was, I could only eat half of the omelet, a few forkfuls of the delicious home fries, and 2 mugs of heavenly coffee. The rest I boxed to take home with me, to be reheated for tomorrow's breakfast. I will DEFINITELY be back, with others, for more! Next up: the Wicked Monte Christo breakfast sandwich! Wicked!!!

Dlerium81 21 days ago

Malted Belgian Waffle

Better than my own waffles! Holy cow! Best I've ever had!

Franks149 22 days ago

Pesto Omelet

Very tasty and a large portion. We will definitely come back!

Jepelkey 23 days ago

Nitro Iced Coffee Ice Cream Float

Seeing this drink come towards your table feels like Christmas morning. It is always covered with whipped cream and joy, no matter the flavor.

Mlkcommercial 27 days ago

Western Omelet

First time visitor. Omelet was hot and delicious. Coffee was high quality and plentiful. My wife had French toast and portions were very large. She did wish they served real maple syrup, though. Service was impeccable and super friendly from owner's family. A gem of a place. We will be back.

Monikalhaskell 28 days ago


The ooey gooey is an absolute must try. it's delicious. this diner is amazing great service and great people and great food

Andreaferreira78 29 days ago

Home fries

Love the home fries .They are so good ...., yum yum

Hello.Chelo.13 about 1 month ago

Steak & Eggs

My favorite dish! When I don't know what to order it is always my go to!

Djgmommy about 1 month ago

Pepper Jack Omelet

Both my daughter and I had create your own omelets. The portions were so large we had enough to take home. The home fries were cooked just right and the omelets came out just as we had ordered. The cinnamon raisin bread was sinful!! Will definitely be returning.

Megan about 1 month ago

Dave's Sweet Potato Hash Omelet

An item you can get on the side, by itself or an in an omelette the Sweet Potato Hash is one of the best things at J&M and the most original. It's the perfect mix of sweet and savory with the sweet potatoes, ground beef and craisins. It's also cooked well done which makes it that much better. I've had it in an omelette and as a side with eggs and couldn't rave about it more! So yummy!

Miranda.W.Chapman about 1 month ago

Sweet Potato Hash

Omigosh this dish is amazing a and this place is so much fun. It's really unique from the menu to the atmosphere to the super- friendly service. A treasure in Metrowest!

Lgentile88 about 1 month ago

Wicked Sinful French Toast

How does one even choose a single favorite at this diner?! Everything I've tried is out of this world, especially the Wicked Sinful French Toast. It's amazingly delicious! A classic breakfast turned into a party! Be sure to bring your appetite, unless you're like me and leave with some scrumptious leftovers :)

Ceceliahamp02 about 2 months ago


So delicious!